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Question : Cardiac output measured by thermodilution technique is unreliable in all of the following situations except

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Our online question bank, updated with the latest exam patterns, offers a variety of questions, a simulated exam environment, and personalized practice tests. It's user-friendly, accessible from any device, and includes performance analysis tools for effective exam preparation.

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  • Suhana (Medical Comics)

    Q world Medical comics offer a visually appealing, engaging, and effective method for learning complex medical concepts. They are highly recommended for enhancing understanding and retention of information in medical studies.

    Suhana (Medical Comics)

  • Dr.Gill (FRCPath Medical Microbiology Flash Cards)

    The FRCPath Medical Microbiology Flash Cards offer a variety of engaging question types and an effective tool for the exam preparation.

    Dr.Gill (FRCPath Medical Microbiology Flash Cards)

  • Dr. Kartik (NEET PG Online Question Bank)

    The Q World NEET PG Online Question Bank offers constantly updated questions, comprehensive explanations, and effective performance analysis tools. Its user-friendly interface and accessibility across devices make it highly recommended for medical exam preparation.

    Dr. Kartik (NEET PG Online Question Bank)