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We believe that every medical student has the potential to succeed if one had the proper guidance and tools. In all our products and services Q world team sincerely tries to ensure that you reach your career goals. We have Online Question Banks, E-books, Video lecture series, Flash cards for medical students. Our tools help you prepare for national as well as international competitive medical entrance examinations like NEET-PG/NEXT, USMLE, PLAB, NCLEX etc. Qworld has been in a pioneer role in development of online medical education since 2008.
Whether you’re commuting or have a spare 10 minutes before ward rounds, the cutting-edge Q world tools will help you fit your test prep around your busy schedule. Use our tools on any device (mobile, laptop, PC, tablet) anywhere anytime as per your convenience. No travelling, No long hours, No missing college or internship activities. Just carry Qworld with you.
We give you unlimited access: Find a topic tough? Feel free to go through it again and again and again! Watch video Multiple times, Give unlimited practice test, Attempt flash cards as many times you wish. Practice Makes you Perfect. Read below for detailed description of our products.

Q world products

Online Question Banks (Q banks):

Practicing with the latest pattern of questions is critical for success in the exams. We constantly add and update MCQs as per latest examination patterns to make sure that you have an extra edge in exams. Every question is aided with a logic and interpretation which helps revisiting concepts in a very effective manner. MCQs of past post graduate medical entrance examination as well as new questions prepared by renowned authors in the respective fields in each subject. Q banks also Includes Image based as well as audiovisual MCQs also as per latest examination pattern.
There are 2 Modes in Each MCQ Bank : Exam mode and Practice mode. The first is the exam mode: Our Simulator gives you real exam like environment and test pattern. Exam mode challenges you to perform as per standard PGMEE pattern in the subject. The second mode is the practice Mode: Solve MCQs as opposed to Reading them. This helps improve your educated guess, thereby helping you tackle unsure questions better, especially when negative marking is involved. At Qworld Students can create customized unlimited multiple Practice Tests under various subjects with one or more chapters combination. Practice mode allows you to practice MCQ one by one with immediate answer explanation and option statistics.
We have also the feature of MCQs option statistics: Review the answer and know how many students have opted each option. Beat even the toughest distractors.
Review the test: The user can self analyze his performance in a particular test as explanations are also provided along with the correct answers and references.
User friendly navigation: Qworld gives you unique aesthetic and revolutionary user interface experience in each MCQ bank. User interface has digital clock, Question navigation menu, flagging facility of question to attempt later on.
Take Notes while practicing MCQ: You can type your notes while practicing MCQs. These notes are arranged automatically topic wise in each subject. You can access these notes anytime from your dashboard
Q world’s revolutionary online MCQ Banks result analysis software gives you In depth insight of your performance in real time with 10 different kind of reports. Analytics and comparative performance analysis helps in estimating preparation levels. It also enables students track their completion account of various subjects and topics.
  • Question report: Know how many questions are attempted, unattempted, correct and incorrect

  • Marks report: Know your score as per recent examination pattern including negative marking

  • Exam Time report: know how much time you took compared to other students nationwide.

  • Exam Strong and weak area subject Report: Know in which subject you performed well and in which one needs more preparation by percentage statistics of one test.

  • Exam Strong and Weak Chapters report: Know which chapters or topics you have learned very well and which one needs more focus by percentage statistics of one test.

  • Comprehensive Strong and weak area subject Report : Dynamic reports generated from all of your tests attempts to give you insight about weak and strong subjects.

  • Comprehensive Strong and Weak Chapters report: Dynamic reports generated from all of your tests attempts and let you know about chapters to focus on

  • Weak Area Focus report. It also generates a dynamic list of weak areas from all test attempts. You can take a print of it, so that you can focus on those areas more while studying.

  • Comprehensive Performance report: The Performance Dashboard provides more detailed data that will enable you to benchmark yourself against your peers and see your performance across the full range of MCQ banks .

Click here to get access to the question banks.  enlightened

Flash Cards:

Learn, Revise and remember the most frequently asked and high yield medical facts for the exam. Flashcards help you recall hard-to-remember facts. We have assembled high-yield facts topic wise in each subject that will help you crack exam questions that you can't afford to get wrong.

E-learning course Videos:

Learn form the top quality medical faculties right at your doorstep. Video Lectures are easy to watch, convenient, concise and to the point and arranged subject and topic wise. You can revise them in short time before the exam. Content of lecture is phenomenal, high yield and covering beautifully all the important points for your medical exams. Watch all our videos free on the website or on our YouTube channel


Prepare and learn from the e-books written by the best medical authors in the field. Clear your concepts, improve your understanding and recall better at the exam. Books are written in a way covering maximum high yield information in a concise manner.
About the team:

Dr. Akruti Mehta (Founder and Partner):

Q world is founded by Dr. Akruti Mehta with the team of passionate doctors and medical professors. The Expert medical faculty at Qworld medical education are its real assets. They are specialists in their subjects and many of them are authors of well-known books too. Unique feature of our faculty is that they are passionate about what they do.
Dr. Tanmay Mehta (Medical Author, Educator, Medical Comics Creator):
Dr. Tanmay Mehta (MD,DNB, MNAMS,PGDCTM,ACME) is very passionate about medical education. He is a gold medalist in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. He is the author of many best selling books like 500 Most common list for NEET PG, Immunology Flash cards, Parasitology simplified, Microbiology Last minute revision etc. He has also published many articles in reputed indexed National and international journals. He is constantly innovating new teaching learning methods. Recently with his creations we have launched world's first medical comic studio which combines humor of comics and knowledge of medicine.

We are always around if you want to know more about us. You can join us on social media platforms like Facebook enlightened, Instagram or Twitter enlightened. You can also write to us via contact us page enlightenedon our website or mail us at qworld.co.in@gmail.com.