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The most frustrating feeling in the world is staring at a question during an exam, and not quite being able to recall the answer. "I just studied this! I know this but cannot recall it," you say to yourself, but the details of the memory just aren't clear enough. From our encounters with students we have learnt that studies through conventional books are  tedious & boring. It is difficult to remember the vast amounts of information and also difficult to understand and recall the fundamental concepts. Hence, students cannot achieve their desired goals.  

Q world medical comics solves this problem by combining high-quality art and humour to make understanding and memorizing medical concepts easy and fun. We create an enjoyable learning process to facilitate conceptual learning for improved recall. Our vision is to build the world’s first medical comic studio that will bring the creativity of cartoons into the field of medicine to make learning medical concepts entertaining and fun. Our mission is to provide affordable and innovative alternative in form of medical comics to conventional medical educational materials. Q world medical comics is going to offer varieties of medical comics on various subjects for the first time in the world. Our intention of launching medical comics is to help medical students improve their competence, capacity and productivity in an enjoyable format.

Medical Comics

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About the author and illustrator

Dr. Tanmay Mehta (MD, DNB, MNAMS, PGDCTM, ACME)

Dr. Tanmay Mehta is very passionate about medical education. He is a gold medalist during his undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. He is the author of many best selling books like 500 Most common list for NEET PG, Immunology Flash cards, Parasitology simplified, Microbiology Last minute revision etc. He has also published many articles in reputed indexed National and international journals. He is constantly innovating new teaching learning methods. Recently with his creations we have launched world's first medical comic studio which combines humor of comics and knowledge of medicine.

Thank you all for your constant support. We hope that all of you like this initiative. We would love to hear your feedback on this. You can join us on Facebook  enlightenedor instagram enlightened. You can also write to us at qworldmedicalcomics@gmail.com.