Short Answer Questions (SAQs) Pharmacology

Short Answer Questions (SAQs) Pharmacology

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Description : Short Answer Questions (SAQs) Pharmacology – Gujarat University Examination (2004 -2023), First edit....

Product Description

Short Answer Questions (SAQs) Pharmacology – Gujarat University Examination (2004 -2023), First edition, 2024:

About the book:
This book is a powerful tool for increasing exam scores. Here's how:

- Tailored Content: The book contains SAQs specifically from the Gujarat University Pharmacology examinations from 2004 to 2023. This targeted approach ensures that students focus on the most relevant material, thereby maximizing their study efficiency.

- Expert Guidance: Authored by Dr. Devang Rana an expert in the field, the book provides accurate and comprehensive answers to each question. This not only aids in understanding but also helps students know exactly what examiners are looking for in an answer.

- Self-Assessment: The book serves as an excellent self-assessment tool. By attempting the questions and comparing their answers with those provided in the book, students can identify their weak areas and work specifically on them.

- Time Management: Regular practice with the SAQs in the book can help students improve their speed and accuracy, essential skills for performing well in time-bound examinations.

By integrating this book into their study routine, students can significantly enhance their understanding of Pharmacology and, consequently, their performance in the exams. It's a valuable investment towards academic success. This book is an essential resource for students aiming to excel in the exams.

About the author:
Dr. Devang Rana
Dr. Devang Rana is a distinguished academic and author in the field of Pharmacology. He holds an MBBS, an MD, and a DNB in Pharmacology, showcasing his extensive knowledge and expertise in these areas.

Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor of Pharmacology at Smt. NHL Municipal Medical College in Ahmedabad, where he imparts his knowledge and experience to the next generation of medical professionals. This book is a testament to his commitment to education and his desire to assist students in their academic journey.

He has published 250+ research articles in various national and international journals.

Exams Covered :

Research, American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of certification, American Board of Medical Microbiology, FRCPath Medical Microbiology, USMLE, NEET, NEXT, USMLE step 1, NEETPG, AIPGMEE

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