Microbiology Questions Book

Microbiology Questions Book

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Description : Microbiology Questions Book
by Dr. Tanmay Mehta

Product Description

Microbiology Questions Book
by Dr. Tanmay Mehta

CAUTION! No answers are provided in this book

Why you should read this book? Read below....

NMC has rebooted and rolled the revised MBBS undergraduate curriculum focusing on skills and competencies. This new syllabus and assessment have been a roller coaster ride for both second year MBBS students and microbiology faculties all over India.

Assessment drives learning: Students tend to focus and prepare the topics which are being asked in exams, so called Important/High yield questions. This Book will help you to identify yourselves with type of questions which can be asked from the topics. Focus your exam preparation on High yield questions. My recommendation is to use this book as your preparation tool along with your microbiology textbook. Read a topic from your textbook, then try to answer the questions from this book. Highlight the keywords/points you forgot/got wrong on second reading. This book is your best practice tool before actual university exam. Practice for examination by writing answers to the questions in a separate notebook as you are in actual exam. Keep in mind the time frame as per the marks. Include all the important points and keywords in each question. Questions especially short assay questions, are designed in order to prepare you for competitive entrance exams like NEET-PG/NEXT, USMLE, PLAB etc.

Exams Covered :

Research, American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of certification, American Board of Medical Microbiology, FRCPath Medical Microbiology, USMLE, NEET, NEXT, USMLE step 1, NEETPG, AIPGMEE

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